Thursday, 22 March 2018

Collaborative Projects 2nd Term.

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2nd Year: A Survey

3rd Year: A Film Review

3rd Year: An Invention Proposal

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Task: A formal e-mail about a problem.

Dear Mayor, In my opinion one of the most critical problems in our city is that there aren’t enough green areas. This is really bad for the environment and also for people that live here. I think that there are things we can do to change this situation. 

In our city there are only two parks, but all experts agree that in a city with the size of Huelva it would be necessary to have at least four big parks. There aren’t many trees on the street, too, and we need their shade and their beauty. The gardeners do not take care properly of trees and plants. And there are more things related to public parks and gardens I’ve been observing in the last weeks. We can’t forget that green areas are really important for children and old people. I strongly recommend the creation of a new big park with many trees. I also think that organising special green days in which school students volunteer to plant trees will be a good idea. It will be fun for them but it will also raise young people’s awareness. 

I would appreciate it if you considered my suggestions.If we try to improve our urban environment in the way described avobe, I’m sure Huelva will be a better place to live with less pollution. I look forward to your response. 

 Yours faithfully, Camino Rodríguez. 

Friday, 19 January 2018


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and it´s on the west of this wonderful country. You can get there by car, train, plane or even by boat. All seasons are good to visit it, because it hasn´t got extreme temperatures, but spring and autumn are nicer to visit than winter and summer. 

It´s a very beautiful place to visit. It´s always crowded because a lot of people live there and it´s a big city. You can do a lot of things there, like visiting the most important monuments, especially Belem Tower, Saint Jorge castle, Saint Justa elevator and the oceanarium, which is one of the biggest in the world. You should eat the Belem cake, a typical pie from there, which is delicious; and you can go for a walk on the Nation´s Park. It´s very nice! 

In my opinion, Lisbon is a great place to go on holiday, because it has a lot of beautiful monuments and they have a great culture. I really like the beaches that it has, and it´s a peaceful destination which young and old people will enjoy.

Task by Nacho F E. 2nd Year ESO.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Padlet Presentations: Collaborative Projects 1st Term.

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2nd Year  My Favourite Game.

3rd Year   A Travel Brochure

4th Year  Today's News

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Task: Write a Review of a film. By Alicia P.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's  Stone is a magical film which is based on the first book of the Harry Potter's series written by J.K.Rowling. It tells how Harry's life changes when he goes to the magic school of Hogwarts.
Harry Potter is an orphan who is living with his aunts, so his life is so normal and sometimes it gets boring. But one day, his life changes drastically, he receives a letter that comes from Hogwarts and that says that he is selected to go to the school. Despite his family don't want him to go, a man arrives at his house and carries him there. Once in Howgarts Harry will learn a lot of magic and do a lot of spells such as making someone levitate. The plot is so interesting and it has got a lot of twists. The characters have got different personalities and are based very good on the book. Even though there are so many evil characters, the actors play them so good.
 I really enjoyed the film and I'm such a big fan of Harry Potter.I think if you enjoy magical films and an interesting plot which is continually changing you should watch it because it worths it. It has caught a lot of people hearts too and has got fans all over the world. You´ll love Harry Potter.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Alba BC 1º ESO: Task 7. Write a Comparison of a Bedroom before or after a Makeover.

Last night I saw a TV programme called A NEW ROOM.  It was about a bedroom makeover. 

Before the makeover, the walls in the bedroom were yellow and the curtains were pink, but after the makeover the walls were electric blue and the curtains were dark red. It was very cool and sophisticated. Before the makeover, there was an ugly and old-fashioned armchair and after it, there was a black piano. The desk and the chair were light green before the makeover but after it, the desk was black and the chair was dark blue. Before the makeover there wasn’t a computer in the bedroom but then there was an enormous TV.

The bedroom is fantastic now and I would love to live in it.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

El Colegio Montessori ha firmado un convenio de colaboración con la Academia Británica para ser Centro Preparador de Exámenes de Cambridge. (National Schools Project)
Este proyecto tiene la ventaja de que el alumnado puede realizar los exámenes en su propio colegio, beneficiándose de un descuento en las tarifas.
Mediante dicho convenio, el alumnado del Colegio Montessori podrá conseguir la certificación oficial de Cambridge en los siguientes niveles:

Young Learners English Tests, Starters -
Young Learners English Tests, Movers A1
Young Learners English Tests, Flyers A2
Key English Test A2
Preliminary English Test B1
First Certificate in English B2

El colegio orientará las actividades extraescolares de Inglés, en el curso 2016-2017, para la preparación de dichas pruebas de certificación.
Del mismo modo, ofertaremos la posibilidad de que otros miembros de nuestra comunidad educativa puedan acogerse a este programa.(madres, padresy otros familiares).